UpOn Energy

Using the energy of
the world instead
of consuming it.

Geoplutonic energy

Get UP ON it...

Connecting the world to the ultimate
power of geothermal energy.

We live on it. We use it. Our earth is both a fantastic asset and a place worth protecting.
Therefore, we set out to ensure continuous access to clean and safe energy, in a beautifully
sustainable way. We deploy the ultimate power of geoplutonic energy.
Let’s get UP and get ON with it!

The earth provides us
with energy. We need to
pass that on.

“Give us proof!”

TIPPER Technology reaps the benefits of geothermics,
without creating its hazards. Closed loop systems are
known to be safe and clean. Steam application goes back
two centuries. Need we say more? All technologies have
ample track records. Trust us to combine them.

Return on investment is 3 – 5 years

Geoplutonic investments are significantly less costly than other forms of geothermal energy production. We estimate that on average, investments are recouped in as little as 3 to 4 years.

As operational and staffing costs are low, it won´t take long for geoplutonics to become highly profitable.



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Dorpsweg 103
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The Netherlands
+31 622 908 633
+591 705 39222

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