Our purpose

One world to keep.
Multiple sustainable
goals to achieve.

One world, one source, for everyone

Why we get UP and get ON with it

How we combine environmental impact and charity

We have no choice. We must change our ways to preserve our planet. And we can. Eight keen entrepreneurs, hailing from all over the world, joined forces to change the way we produce energy. 

We combined revolutionary TIPPER technology with proven methods, such as a closed loop system. In doing so, we created a truly sustainable and affordable production process. This is how we contribute to UN Sustainability Goal #7, which aims to improve access to clean energy.

But sustainability reaches further than environmentally friendly initiatives. We wanted to do more. Similar to our production process, we wished to close the loop.  Therefore, we decided to reinvest in Goals #1 to #6.
This is why we get UP in the morning: we combine sustainability and charity to create a better world. Let´s get ON with it, shall we? 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We help to improve availability

At the heart of all UN SDGs lies the access to clean and affordable energy. Without it, jobs can’t be carried out, climate change can’t be stopped, food production is hampered and economic advancement slows down. We are proud to be able to contribute to the availability of clean, cost-effective energy.

Closing the loop

We make reinvestments. 10% of our profits. Every year. Our money goes to projects reducing hunger and poverty. We help improve health, education and access to clean water. And we contribute to gender equality. These are UN SDGs #1 to #6. This is how we close the loop.


Clean energy gives us
our purpose. We use it to help
create a better world.


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