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Geoplutonic energy

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From TIPPER Deep Detection Technology to ultra deep drilling and closed loop systems: all technologies have been applied before and proven successful. Now, we combine them to offer a revolutionary and unique solution that helps solve our worldwide energy problem.
Learn how we detect geoplutonic energy with unrivalled accuracy, extract heat non-invasively, and produce energy with zero emission – all while reducing costs to a mere fraction of traditional expenditure.

Beautiful product: desalinated water

We decided to turn not fresh, but salt water into steam to produce electricity. The reason? Desalinated water can be used for irrigation. The salt can be commercialized. In this way, the normally expensive desalination procedure becomes part of our production process, ensuring that less water needs to be abstracted from rivers, lakes and other fresh water sources.

“Give us proof!”

TIPPER Technology reaps the benefits of geothermics, without creating its hazards. Closed loop systems are known to be safe and clean. Steam application goes back two centuries. Need we say more? All technologies have ample track records. Trust us to combine them.


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